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Understanding how data works and what kind of insight can be obtained, is vital to any business. Most of the time, the data is used for primary business goals but it contains so much more information that can be leveraged to add more value.

What if there’s someone, whose precise skill set can turn all that abstract information into valuable insights, that can be used for financial and social performance growth?

Sounds expensive, complicated or hard to achieve? It does not have to be that way.

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business modeling

Modelling your business helps you optimize your processes in finding the best scenarios for changing conditions. With Excel as one of the most widespread analysis tool available, it is most likely to be the starting point for your models. But as models gets better-and-better and their importance is growing, you will hit the boundaries of Excel.

That is where we come in; we’ll transform your Excel models into a solid database solutions, including improved scenario analysis, multi-user, security, auditing and analytical reporting.

Don’t get victimized by your own success and escape the Excel limitations: let us boost your models so you can bring your company to the next level.

essbase advice

So you have chosen for the Oracle EPM Toolstack. Good choice. Especially with essbase being the underlying engine for planning & budgeting, analytical modelling and cost allocation. With its clever calculation engine, essbase could enable you to become the best-in-class for performance management.

Unfortunately, we see many companies not getting there. Even though essbase is powerful, it is very easy to make wrong design decisions ending up in poor performing solutions that offer only limited functionality.

Here is where we come in, with our experienced essbase consultants, we optimize your essbase implementation and enhance its functionality so you fully leverage the power of your investment. On request, we could do a complete redesign or we could set-up and execute a step-by-step improvement roadmap. The end result is the same: a best-in-class essbase empowered solution supporting planning & budgeting, cost allocation or smart analytics.

Make your essbase investment pay out and lower your maintenance costs; help us improve your essbase implementation.

embedded analytics

Your solution is successful in the business processes it supports. But just supporting your clients’ processes is not enough anymore, your clients’ management want insight in exceptions, durations, outliers and patterns to optimize their business using your data.

One option is just to provide them with a data download and give them your blessings. But what if you could outrun your competition and offer real-time analytical dashboards as part of your solution?

Expensive? Not with our service. We help you to embed icCube OEM analytical dashboards in your solution. Exactly tuned to your and your customers’ need, seamlessly integrated in your software and architecture.

Go the next step and give your customers the insights they need with embedded dashboards in your software.

Short time-to-market guaranteed.

embedded analytics & visualization

We offer analytical dashboards with icCube through our label InsideVision.

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